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Poetry & Awakening Teaching

What more can any of us ask for but to be created by the very thing we feel compelled to create.

Mark Nepo, The River of Light

We can awaken to and through writing poetry because it requires us to be fully embodied and aware of ourselves and the world we live in.

About Subhaga

Subhaga is the author of two collections of poems, and a teacher of awakening and the writing process. A graduate of the Warren Wilson MFA Program for writers, her first book, Elegy with a Glass of Whiskey, won the 2003 A. Poulin, New Poetry America Prize from BOA Editions. Since that time, her work has appeared in a variety of print and online journals. A dramatic shift in consciousness in 2011 brought her into seamless contact with awareness and perception such that she stopped writing for a period of years. Moving to the Methow Valley in North Central WA in 2014 and joining the Confluence Poets reinvigorated her creative process, resulting in many of the poems in her latest book, Blue Hunger, released by Methow Press in 2020. She is a teacher in the Trillium Awakening spiritual path and lives and creates in the spacious North Cascade Mountains with her partner, Sugandhi Katharine Barnes.

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Individual Instruction

Want to jump start your writing process? Work with Subhaga one on one to craft poems and receive extensive personal feedback toward revising and polishing your work to speak your truth.

$40/session includes written feedback on 3-5 poems plus a one hour Zoom call to discuss your work. Email Subhaga to schedule a complimentary introductory session!

Group Instruction

Have a writing group that’s looking to take their writing to another level? Subhaga offers virtual workshops via Zoom providing writing prompts, revision strategies, and reading suggestions to broaden your writing horizons.

Wedding Officiant

Subhaga can now officiate your wedding. With her blend of poetry and expression of spiritual teaching, she can tailor a ceremony to suit your experience and desires.


After each poetry class with Subhaga I feel gratitude well up in me for such a wonderful experience. Not only do I enjoy this opportunity to hone my skills but I am continuously impressed with how skillfully, kindly and supportively she offers this opportunity. She provides such a warm space and is so encouraging, and somehow manages to find the good in each of her students. I think all of us feel appreciated and motivated to keep on writing as a result. I know I do!

~K. E. Olympia, WA

I so much appreciate all of Subhaga’s acknowledgement, encouragement, and feedback since I began her Poetry Awakening bi-monthly workshop series, and the truly safe and loving container she creates and holds for the group! In addition, her individual creative mentoring continues to support the personal momentum I am intentionally generating around regular creating, building a body of work, and having the courage (and skillful means) to put it out into the world, regardless of outcome.

~ K.K. New Jersey

Blue Hunger Cover

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