Trust in Being: Trillium Awakening Teaching


Are you ready to rest in a state of well being, to bring an end to resisting who and how you are? I am here to guide you on the journey to whole-being awakening, to hold you in the alchemical space of mutuality that will help you show up fully in and as your true nature. Together we will explore the principles of the Trillium Awakening Dharma, consciousness, embodiment, and relatedness, to help you land in a place of loving self-knowing.

As a Trillium Awakening Teacher, I’m here to serve your awakening process by holding you in whatever arises. I can offer you compassionate listening from an open-hearted presence, reflection, and recognition of your divinely human self.

I invite you to come forward as you are to share this transformational practice with me. Together we can explore how to Trust in Being.

To schedule a free exploratory session, email me.

Let the journey home to your heart begin!

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