Elegy with a Glass of Whiskey | Subhaga Crystal Bacon

“Crystal Bacon has a good ear. But it is clear her poems are simultaneously driven by a need to find language for feelinsg not easily named and the search for cooperative sounds. The combination makes for a compelling lyric authority. Aided throughout by various Greek myths, the elegiac and the sensual commingle in ways that becomes characteristic of Elegy with a Glass of Whiskey, indeed of Cryustal Bacon’s poetic enterprise. Whether she adopts a persona or mediates in her own voice, it’s clear by her book’s end that such tactics provide Bacon the latitudes of being her various self/selves, an androgyne separated and seeking. We are the beneficiaries of such beautifully heard musings.”

~Stephen Dunn

Elegy with a Glass of Whiskey, Poems by
Subhaga Crystal Bacon

Purchase Subhaga’s book of poems, winner of the A. Poulin, Jr. Poetry Prize and published by Boa Editions using the link.

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