Blue Hunger | Poems by Subhaga Crystal Bacon

Blue Hunger, Poems by Subhaga Crystal Bacon

Use the link to purchase this book of Subhaga’s poetry, published by Methow Press.

Advance Praise for Blue Hunger

It’s tempting to think of the poet as a naturalist, but as her book progresses it becomes clear that, more broadly, she’s a human nature poet; poems of love and loss and community occur with the same acute precision. All in all, a wonderful collection.

Stephen Dunn, Pulitzer Prize winning author of Pagan Virtues

These Poems show the love for one’s vision of nature as the shifter of shapes. Bacon builds an album that honors the universe’s traffic, the gaze melting to honey. In these poems, the economies of silence well: The lotus has its foot in the mud.

Cynthia Arrieu-King, author of Futureless Languages

In these intimate, meticulous, compassionate poems, Bacon seamlessly marries the self with the world . . . of wild rivers and dark trees, of coyotes and hawks, of snow and summer grasses–or with the human body, with its love, its aging, and its griefs . . . With a deep mixture of curiosity and vulnerability . . . Bacon sings of our human hungers–“diligent, defended, devout”–with wild consciousness.

Kenneth Hart, author of Uh Oh Time

These poems in Bacon’s collection luxuriate in words, emotion, spirit, and landscape, in a “place of endings.” Blue Hunger is a book–a place–I will revisit again and gain because “What I remember most was the flavor of those words, scented with lost possibilities.”

Jennifer Martelli, author of The Uncanny Valley and My Tarantella