Thanks Giving

Came down with a case of the blues this morning.  The “I can’t handle the material world” blues.  What a huge pressure it was.  Aching in my head and heart.  I was lucky to be able to speak it to my beloved.  To speak the crazy “fix it” energy and hear her sane response.  This helped me to drop into the hurt, the wound of self-blame.  Then the tears that wash out that wound and let the healing come.

I headed into town to do some shopping for our family Thanksgiving gathering tomorrow.  How good to be out in the cold blue day.  The streets are empty.  Each shop offered a friendly greeting.  And a Blue Star eggnog latte in the sunshine, afforded by the  wait for our boy who’s at basketball this morning and needs a ride from town in an hour.

The wheels turn and carry me, carry all of us from place to place, inside and outside.  I’m thankful for that.  For this golden moment of freedom.