2 thoughts on “Subhaga Crystal Bacon | Issue 1 Poetry | Humana Obscura — humana obscura

  1. Steve Fay

    I was just reading “Walking Wingless” in Humana Obscura, when I realized I knew two thirds of the poet’s name already! Then I did some online sleuthing and found several more of your poems, and this website, and evidence of your teaching in several venues–bravo! I don’t know if you will remember me, but we overlapped in Warren Wilson’s MFA program–Steve Fay. The same magazine’s accepted my work for their next issue, so it is like we old classmates get to wave at each other across their pages! I would try to connect to you over twitter or facebook, but I’m not using them now. But I did want to say two things: I’m so glad to learn you are doing well, and that, in the pictures of you here, I recognize your smile.

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