To the River and Back

Some reflections on the MVCS overnight camping trip.


IMG_0636 Cooperation-walking sticks

We have a saying here at the MVCS, which is “can you help me?”  We practice it in our morning circle as we greet each other and the new day.  Each of us has gifts to share and needs to be met. On our walk through Twisp Ponds on the way to our river camp out, we asked the trees and woods: can you help us?  And they did. They gave us some of their wood to make into cooperation-walking sticks.  Each stick was adorned with a piece of red yarn.  So we crossed the river, which, even though it is low, is still rocky and flowing and deep in places.  We  held hands and held sticks and slowly made our way across to the land stewarded by Nate Bacon and Christina Stout where we made our camp for the night.

In teams, the children put up big…

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