Taking Time to Sip the Cider


What makes a community school? It takes a core group of dedicated parents. Faith. Vision. Hours of volunteer work. More faith. Honesty. Mutual respect. It takes what our school has developed as its cultural philosophy: CARES. Cooperation. Appreciation. Respect and Responsibility. Empathy and Self Control.

Tonight, we hosted our first parents’ meeting of the year. All parents are members of the organization with a number of rights and responsibilities. We came together as a group of learners; we recognized our feelings. We celebrated our work and the work of others. This is our pledge, and we spoke it together, parents and staff, in an opening circle just the way the kids do each morning.

First on the agenda was a chance for parents to introduce themselves, name their child and share a highlight from the school season so far. What a feast of beauty that was! I felt so honored…

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