Rising Up


We gathered in this morning’s warm, golden glow of October sunshine for our Monday Circle.  In the center was a collection of seasonal items and the candle that represents our inner light.  Three moms joined us today on this day when family members are welcomed into the circle, and we were a “squishy cozy” group as one girl said.  Our new Yelmihom or leader for the week carefully lit the candle, and we began another week here at MVCS with rhythms, welcoming the directions and singing the songs that we have been practicing since the start of school for the upcoming Phoenix Festival sponsored by Methow Arts Alliance.

What a deep blessing it is to sit and sing together in the morning.  It’s an act of praise to lift our voices together this way, and as we sang “We are rising up, like the Phoenix from the fire.  Brothers and sisters, spread your…

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