What’s the Value of a Community School Education?

Rain + Kids =  Persistence


It’s been a super rainy fall here in Twisp.  Many a day sees our kids come in wearing their Bogs and rain jackets, and this is a good thing because at least once a week they go off into the great outdoors to learn about nature IN nature.

The Community School prizes outdoor education.  It’s not about field trips in the old fashioned sense of the word, as in going to museums or performances, although those are always enriching.  No.  At MVCS, field trips are literally trips into the field, the place of study.  For us, this year, field is field. Our kids have spent many hours in rain and shine mapping, hoeing, planting, and tracking what they’ve planted where so that, in spring, they will be able to measure their success.

Historically, the MVCS has produced top notch scholars who go on to populate the honor roll at the public…

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