breaking the surface 

It’s hazy and hot here today, a rare bit of humidity.  We’re sitting by the lake, which is rippling under the easterly wind, small tiles of light that catch and reflect the color of sky.  It’s quiet and empty of people.  Just water, wind, trees and sky.  It’s deeply nourishing, soothing.

I fell into deep emotion this morning.  Felt deeply the rub of life’s paradoxes.  The pressure of responsibility and the truth of powerlessness.  It was good to cry and be held.  To let the pressure find release and equalization.  It’s impossible to resist that need anymore.  Pressure must be equalized.  Resistance is futile.

It’s good to be loved.  To be held in what arises.  To come and sit by a lake in the summer breeze and watch the fish feed.  How they break the surface like light.

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